Sunday, November 19, 2006

Remodelers moving to West (East) Nashville

For a long time, according to the Tennessean, people bought homes in East Nashville so they could be remodeled and resold at a huge profit. However, the trend is turning and now homes in West (East) Nashville are under the looking glass.

Read about the trend at the Tennessean.

NOTE: I edited this adding West (East) Nashville because it's the East end folks like, but the west end of east end. :) Thanks John!


At 1:49 PM, Blogger John H said...

Kathy - the trend, according to the Tennessean, is to move to the west part of EAST Nashville, as opposed to west nashville. Gallatin Road has heretofore been kind of a dividing line with the upscaling going on to the east and the 'scarier' neighborhoods to the west. It appears that the urban pioneer types are marching to the west - of east nashville.

just wanted to set the record straight here..


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