Thursday, June 07, 2007

Rats in the Belfry

I showed a new home yesterday - beautiful, tastefully painted, nice fixtures - you know, the works. Then we walked into the garage and noticed a pile of grass seed was spilling out of a small, built-in cabinet. So we opened the little storage door and screamed. A RAT was inside and started to move to us - toward the light. My buyer and I got out of there FAST. AAAAAGH!

That was only the second time I've screamed during a showing. The first was when I laid my business card down on a counter and accidentally brushed another card. About a kazillion baby cockroaches came streaming out from under that card.

The time the spider ran out of a closet and up my pant leg didn't make me scream. I think I just wet my pants over that one! haha!

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