Thursday, May 10, 2007

Bright = Blinding Light

I posted this at Shak & Jill and thought it was too funny not share here!

We've all read things like, "Charming home with city view" and have gone to look only to find that the real estate agent has been very creative in his or her description. The folks at Bigger Pockets posted a funny rundown on how to really read real estate ads. Go here for a good laugh!

Here are a couple more that I've written in my own listings and what they mean:

Brick - Brick veneer on the front only. If it said all-brick, it'd be real brick all around.

Popular Neighborhood - Way overcrowded and possibly filled with gangs and/or crime.
Mature Trees - Nice shade, but let's hope you don't have septic because the roots will probably be eating away at it.
Immaculate - Not filthy.
Spacious - Not tiny.
Fenced Back Yard - To keep neighbor's snarling rottweiler or pit bull out.
Affordable - Needs work.

You get the idea! May the buyer beware!



At 8:51 AM, Blogger Michael said...

During my time looking for a home, I got a description of a house that said "Florida room." So, I did a drive-by to scout neighborhood and see if I wanted to see inside...apparently Florida room meant they'd somehow attached a room themselves and it didn't match the rest of the house and looked like it was attached with duct tape.

And not even the good duct tape...

At 9:05 AM, Anonymous Ivy said...


Cottage: You've seen playhouses bigger than this.


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