Thursday, April 19, 2007

Welcome New Agent

Sometimes people in the real estate industry are viewed as cut-throat and treated like used-car-salesmen.Admittedly, I have run across agents who try to profit from the work of other agents, who lie, who try to mislead. Thankfully those are few and far between, but it's a shame when one bad apple gives everyone else a black eye!

In contrast, however, I also have the privilege of knowing some of the smartest, and most honest, moral, and ethical people around. One such acquaintance of mine just got his license with the state of Tennessee. Glen (Robert) Dean and I don't always agree on politics. We often have different views of the big, wide world. Even so, I know he will be an outstanding agent (though with another company) because he strives to be fair. It is such a pleasure for me to welcome Glen to the the real estate roller coaster! Enjoy the ride!



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