Thursday, December 07, 2006

Mortgage Rates Drop

Mortgage rates have dropped for the fourth straight week, according to Reuters News.

"Rates for 30-year mortgage rates fell to 6.11 percent from 6.14 percent, the lowest since 6.10 percent in the January 19 week.Rates on 15-year mortgages also ebbed to 5.84 percent from 5.87 percent. The last time they were lower was in the second week of February, when they averaged 5.83 percent.One-year adjustable rate mortgages were 5.43 percent, down from 5.46 percent.

These are absolutely incredible rates! If you'd like to learn more about buying a home, I am one of five agents sponsoring a "First Time Home Buying Made Easy" seminar. Agenda items include:

  • Renting vs. Buying
  • How to Qualify for a Loan with ZERO down
  • Home Safety & Insurance
  • Your Credit Score
  • Why Title Insurance
  • Buying a HUD Home
  • Home Inspections & Warranties
  • Closings Costs
We are tentatively scheduling three seminars: January 22, January 27, and January 29. If you're interested, I'll post updated info as we nail down locations!


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