Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Don't Kill Your Home's Value with Renovations

While not every renovation will hurt the value of your home, Gerri Willis of Money magazine reports on four renovations that will kill a home's value. Not surprising, a swimming pool is at the top of her list. While a lot of people love pools (I'd give up my old white jalopy van for one), some buyers are repelled at the idea of maintenance on a pool, and insurance and safety... you get the idea.

I was surprised to see an "addition" on the list, but I believe she targets the additions that are poorly done. Also a jacuzzi tub and trendy wall finishes made her list of no-no's. When you get ready to sell, I would advise you to just make sure that your walls are neutral and clean. Did I say clean? Yes. Clean. And clean the rest of your house while you're at it!


At 3:51 PM, Blogger mark said...

kathy I have a ? for neighbors are putting their home up for sale tonight and they have the same amount of sq footage as ours and the layout is the exact same but we have a 4th bedroom and a den and the just have the den which is bigger. They are listing the home for $141,900 and the home was built in 2002 in a newer subdivison so my question to you will the sale of their home at the listing price make our home go up in value? or will it hurt? they have listed with bob parks...their address is 606 zellwood dr and is a very nice clean home...thanks


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