Monday, August 21, 2006

Map-Makers Are Busy, Investors Have Opportunities

Rutherford County mapmakers have a lot of job security! Because the county is growing so rapidly, mapmakers are having difficulty keeping up! Read this article in today's Daily News Journal for more.

Did you know our county planning commissions usually have population projection maps? For a fairly nominal fee ($35 in Rutherford County), you can pick one of these maps up and see where planners are projecting the most commercial and residential growth. Then if you have the money (and you can with 10-20% down and good credit), you can purchase homes or land in these areas and wait about five or ten years to resell at a really good profit!

I found this disturbing article online from Friday's Tennessean. It blows me away that there is discriminatory lending, especially when there are so many laws and regulations in place to protect buyers. When you get ready to buy a home, remember that you don't have to only call one lender. If you can keep your inquiries within a 10-day frame, check with several lenders to see what kind of interest rate they can offer. When you are told what your interest rate would be, make sure you ask for a "good faith estimate" of what your charges will be. Lenders should stick pretty close to this statement, however numbers may shift a little (remember, it's an estimate).

Just remember, the one person you can count on for consumer protection will always be you. Educate yourself. Ask questions.


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