Thursday, August 24, 2006

Selling in a Cooling Market

Today's Comcast featured an article titled Selling Your Home in a Cooling Market that was very informative. The lead "what to do when selling" paragraph talked about price.

When you work with a realtor, make sure you ask about the inventory of homes in the neighborhood. You'll want to know how many homes sell per month in a neighborhood, then see how many are now listed. Using these numbers, your realtor should be able to figure out how many months of inventory your neighborhood is holding.

When you see that figure, your lightbulb should brighten because you'll realize that the home that's priced the best will usually sell more quickly. In addition to price, a buyer will look for curb appeal, no outstanding maintenance problems, and updated interior (new paint, flooring, and immaculate kitchen and bathrooms).

So have no fear if you're getting ready to list! Homes continue to sell in middle Tennessee, and sell QUICKLY when they are priced correctly or a smidgeon under.


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