Saturday, July 21, 2007

Under Pressure: Your Toes

A blogger I love reading posted today about how his brother-in-law nearly had his foot amputated because of a pressure washer. They had been jet skiing in some nasty waters of south Florida and after finishing, they cleaned their equipment with a pressure washer. In a moment of distraction, the bro-in-law accidentally sprayed his foot making a little hole. The skanky water was filled with so much bacteria and other gross stuff, that his foot and leg up-to-his knee became severely infected.

Naturally when I think about pressure washing (I always want to call it power-washing), I think about some of the homes in the neighborhood next to mine with green crud growing up the siding. If you have crud on your siding, dear readers, hire a pressure washer or rent one. But do it because your neighbors find you to be embarrassing!

I found a treasure trove of do-it-yourself pressure washing videos at Expert Village. The host most definitely looks like he knows the ins and outs of pressure washing. Here's a sampling (and try to be patient through the commercials).

Click here for more on "How to Pressure Wash Your House: DIY Home Improvement Project Tips"

Let me know if you do any home-spun pressure washing! I'm very interested in hearing about your injury-free results!


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