Monday, March 05, 2007


Move over Martha Stewart... there's a new gal in town. My good, dear friend Bad Bad Ivy is destined to be one of the web's most-read, best-loved online do-it-yourself, homemaker goddess personalities with the launch of her brand spanking new web site: Home Ec 101.

This site is teaches you "What you wish your mama taught you" and explores subjects including getting those tricky grease stains out of clothing, cleaning the ultra-gunk from you bathtub, what to do with that leftover Kroger rotisserie chicken, and how to make dinner from a bare pantry. Home Ec 101 also features a forum allowing readers to interact, share ideas, ask questions, and converse about those "pesky" children.

Dont' walk, RUN to this snarky new site! Bookmark it! You'll thank me later.

HOME-EC 101.



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