Thursday, January 11, 2007

Shortage of Affordable Homes??

According to an article in today's Tennessean, homes in Nashville are less affordable today than in years past. While one would naturally want to instantly agree, I made a few keystrokes to see just how many homes there are in Nashville available for no more than $100,000. In the entire metro area at this very moment, there are 447 single family homes available. The least expensive is in an area I can only guess may be challenging to live because it's priced at $23,900. There are four homes listed for $100,000 in my search range, including this three bedroom, one bath home on Jenkins Street, located in the Cumberland Gardens subdivision:

Gorgeous hardwood floors, remodeled bathroom and kitchen. Very affordable (my guesstimate is that payments would be between $750 and $800 p/month). In reading further, that home may be sold, but it still proves that there are homes out there if you take your time to look.

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